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We offer hot tapping, line stopping, line bypassing and valve insertion services on water, waste water or steam pipeline systems without system interruption.

Hot Tapping, pipe sizes ½" to 48" diameter. A technician uses a hot tapping machine to work on a pipeline without having to shut it down. This prevents a water outage, loss of water pressure, risk of contamination and the need for re-chlorination. The Team InsertValve and the Hydrastop valve can both be installed and repaired on functioning pipes. Please see the page on valve insertion for an animated video of the insertion process.

Line Stopping / Line Bypassing, pipe sizes ½" to 42" diameter. Line stopping allows the flow of product to be stopped at a certain point. Line stopping is used when there is a break or leak in a system that can't be shut off due to inoperable valves. A continuous flow is created only when 2 stops are done and a bypass is created.

Valve Insertion. Valve insertion improves system flow control. It may be preventative maintenance or a new valve may be needed to replace one that has become inoperable. Valve insertion can also be performed without shutting down or draining the system. Our expert technicians use cutting-edge technologies to install a new valve with no water loss, thus preserving natural resources and saving money.

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Caption: “After hours 16” Line Stop and 16” Valve Installation in Pecos, TX.”

Pipe Freezing is based upon forming a temporary ice plug in a pipeline with no flow, allowing for repair or maintenance without shutdown or drainage.

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Pipeline Solutions Inc. is a fully licensed and insured, family-owned company servicing New Mexico, Texas and the surrounding area. We have worked with municipalities, contractors, engineers and commercial businesses. We offer preventative/regular buried pipeline maintenance, we can repair existing pipeline and we're available in emergency situations. We use the best valves on the market so that installation goes smoothly and with no disruption of service. Aging system? Faulty or widely spaced valves? Emergency water breaks? Call or E-mail us for more information or a quote. We understand the water needs of the New Mexico region, use American made products and provide you with fast, expert service.

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